John Daly Hits a Golf Ball out of Some Dude's Mouth in a Nashville Pizza Joint's Crowded Parking Lot

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What you're about to see is an Instagram video of PGA Tour champion and on-course chain-smoker John Daly hitting a golf ball off a tee, which happens to be located in some guy's mouth.

According to the video, the trick took place in the parking lot of Soulshine Pizza in Nashville - and as you can see, it's a pretty crowded parking lot with a ton of cars around. We don't really have much more context - although it's unlikely that you really need any more. It's John Daly hitting a gold ball out of some dude's mouth - let's be honest, you wanna watch this.

I'm hoping John Daly was sober for this exchange - and I'm assuming he was. After years of battling with alcohol, Daly says he's been sober for the past few years. I'm really hoping the guy with the tee in his mouth was drunk. Professional golfer or not - that's some scary shit.

Final thought: John Daly is always prepared. Check out the golf back sitting on the ground behind him. Never know when you'll get an opportunity to bomb a 350-yard drive out of some guy's mouth, right?

[h/t Bleacher Report]

Image via pdawgthedrummer, Instagram

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