Joey Chestnut: Broken Engagement Means Stiffer Competition for Hot Dog Eaters

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Joey Chestnut has held the record for eating the most hot dogs at the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island--held each year on the 4th of July--for nine straight years. Earlier this year, Joey Chestnut lost at love--his engagement to Neslie Ricasa called off just weeks prior to their May wedding. Chestnut believes losing at love will mean winning yet again during the hot dog eating contest.

What's the connection here?

The New York Post reports that the split between Joey Chesnut and Ricasa “gave me more reason to focus on this competition,” Chestnut told them.

Apparently his broken engagement resulted in him spending more time with his one true love--wieners.

Joey Chestnut must really love his hot dogs, because he claims they are responsible for his break up--yet he keeps competing.

“I definitely would say it was traveling. I was gone quite a bit,” he said. “It was mutual. It just didn’t work.”

He was traveling for competitions--eating more hot dogs.

Nothing mends a broken heart like good food, and for Joey Chestnut that equals--you know the drill by now--hot dogs.

“Competitive eating is something I can control,” he said. “I know I can control and if I push hard I can win.”

Of course the competition site of the annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is the same place Joey Chestnut proposed to Neslie Ricasa last year following his win. With his belly full of wieners--and his breath no doubt smelling like processed meat--he went down on bended knee and asked Ricasa to be his wife.

Refocused now on winning yet another title, he isn't going to allow returning to the site of his proposal hamper his performance in this year's competition.

“I thought it would be bittersweet,” he said, adding, “I’m not going to let it hurt me.

“Last year, the whole engagement affected me,” he continued. “This year I will definitely have less distractions.”

Are you shocked that Joey Chestnut's engagement was called off?

Watch him Saturday on the 4th of July. The Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is usually televised on ESPN. See if the man who shoves countless wieners--dipped in cups of water--into his gullet wouldn't make the most attractive husband ever.

Maybe another shot at love will be watching from the audience?

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