Joey And Rory Feek Get Visit From Pastor Who Married Them

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Joey and Rory Feek got a visit from another special person in their lives – the pastor who married them 14 years ago.

Pastor Mike and wife Sally Rosser visited the couple in their Alexandria, Indiana home on Monday evening to pray with them.

“...blessed with a beautiful visit and time of prayer last night from our sweet friends Mike and Sally Rosser. Mike is the pastor who married us almost 14 years ago,” Rory, 49, wrote on Facebook along with a photo of their small gathering.

Rory also posted a photo of Joey wearing a necklace with the names of their daughter Indiana and two stepdaughters, Heidi and Hopie. He said this is how Joey keeps her girls close to her heart.

Joey has been battling Stage 4 cancer since June of last year. She is currently in hospice care after ending her hospital treatments. Rory has been updating their fans on Joey’s condition and their everyday life through social media and his personal blog This Life I Live.

February is a blessing for Joey who was previously told that she only had six months to live last October but was able to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. Joey and Rory will be releasing their final album called Hymns That Are important to Us, a collection of songs that have special meaning to the country duo, on February 12. The couple is hoping to inspire many people with their latest album. Moreover, Joey and Rory will be celebrating Indiana’s second birthday on the 17th.

“People every day who don’t have cancer who are dealt with trials or family issues or whatever it might be … we need Him,” Joey said. “It doesn’t matter what it is, and when we think that we can get by on our own, we’re so wrong.”

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