Joel Osteen 'Sirius' About His Ministry

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Joel Osteen has long been serious about his ministry, and now he is 'Sirius' about it, too. The pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas--the largest Protestant church in the United States--now has his own SiriusXM channel to help him spread his messages.

Osteen preaches to an average of 40,000 people every week at the megachurch and his sermons are already broadcast on the Trinity television network. This will give the 51-year-old pastor even more connections to those unable to see him preach in person.

This coming Sunday Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria are set to appear at Yankee Stadium in New York where Joel will preach to a huge crowd as part of his 'A Night of Hope' annual event. This will be recorded for broadcast later on his new SiriusXM channel.

"It's another way to get our message out," the pastor says.

He also said SiriusXM approached him about developing his own channel about five years ago with the idea but the time wasn't right.

"Five years ago we were still growing," said Osteen, who studied both television and radio as part of his education at Oral Roberts University. "I didn't think we could put the time and energy into it that we can now. We're much more established and have a bigger library. It feels really right now."

The channel will feature a time for live call-ins, too. Joel Osteen says he is thinking about taking those calls on Tuesday mornings. SiriusXM will announce soon when the station will begin operation. This new means of connecting to more people will no doubt further Osteen's ministry.

Scott Greenstein is the president of SiriusXM. He believes people who aren't inclined to watch one of Joel's television broadcasts might check him out on their car radio. He claims he was attracted to Osteen because he's a charismatic preacher with a wide following as well as a back catalog of material perfect for programming purposes.

Joel Osteen took over Lakewood Church when his father--who was minister there at the time--passed away. He has grown the ministry considerably. This collaboration with SiriusXM means it will likely grow even larger.

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