Joe Biden Was Behind Megaupload Takedown Claims Kim Dotcom

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As we move closer to the date of Kim Dotcom's extradition trial, things are getting crazier for those involved in the already crazy case. Dotcom recently won a huge case where the New Zealand High Court ordered the FBI to give back the data they took during the raid on his mansion. Dotcom isn't content with this victory though, he wants to get to the bottom of why he was targeted.

In a previous interview, Dotcom said that Megaupload was offered up as a political favor. He felt that the U.S. government went after him as a way to win favor with those in the entertainment industry. The Megaupload founder recently clarified his statements while speaking to TorrentFreak. He says that a "credible source" told him that Vice President Joe Biden ordered the hit on Megaupload.

Why would Biden want anything to do with Megaupload? As it turns out, Biden is good friends with former senator and current MPAA CEO Chris Dodd. Dodd has been outspoken against piracy and even threatened politicians who opposed SOPA on air after the bill was defeated. It would make sense that Biden would do this "favor" since it would keep Hollywood firmly behind Obama and his re-election bid this year.

What's interesting is the proof that Dotcom has for this is recent allegation. The White House keeps records of all who hold meetings within the building and records from June of last year hold some interesting coincidences. The meeting in question featured not only Dodd but all the CEOs from major entertainment companies including Paramount, Sony and Walt Disney. It was also revealed that the MPAA gave large amounts of lobbying funds to Biden.

In Dotcom's eyes, all of this can't be a coincidence. He sees it as a personal favor to a man who would love nothing more than to stomp out the Internet and keep the old dying ways of Hollywood as the status quo for at least a few more years.

Of course, we also must give Biden the benefit of the doubt here. We don't know everything and he might not have played a role whatsoever. The evidence is definitely not in his favor though. Dotcom claims that he will release all the information pertaining to Biden's involvement when the time is right.

Regardless, there are political machinations at work in the Megaupload case. I think we can agree with Dotcom when he says that the "whole Mega case is quite the political thriller." Maybe they'll even base a movie on it some day.

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