Jodie Sweetin To Star In New Docu-Comedy 'Hollywood Darlings' With Childhood Friends

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American actress Jodie Sweetin will reunite with her Hollywood childhood friends, Beverley Mitchell and Christine Lakin in a new TV series entitled Hollywood Darlings, which is expected to premiere in 2017.

Sweetin, 34, whose Fuller House from Netflix has been approved for a second season, will star in the docu-comedy, which aims to showcase the real-life fun that the three friends go through every day.

According to a report, a docu-comedy is a series wherein scenes are edited to make them funny rather than dramatic.

Starting their careers at an early age, Sweetin was popular in the TV series Full House, while Mitchell, 35, gained fame for playing Lucy Camden in 7th Heaven. Lakin, 37, on the other hand, was notable for her role as Alicia Lambert in Step by Step.

Hollywood Darlings is a half-hour pop show that will follow the real-life roles of the three friends as they take on the challenges of becoming “moms, wives, and businesswomen.”

“Anyone who was a TV fan in the ‘90s grew up with Jodie, Christine and Beverley –aspiring to be their best friends, wanting to dress like them and using their popular catchphrases,” said Paul Adler, Pop’s senior vice president of original programing and development.

In addition, Adler said that the show will allow the viewers and fans to get a glimpse of the lives of the three former child stars and find out how entertaining and relatable their routines are.

“Yay! I love these ladies, and we’re going to have so much fun!” said Jodie Sweetin in an Instagram post.

According to another report by E! Online, viewers of the upcoming TV show should expect some celebrity cameos by virtue of their close friendships with the main characters of the show

The upcoming series will be produced by Objective Productions USA and All3Media America.

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