Jodie Sweetin Says Fiance Had To Get "Full House" Family's Approval

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Jodie Sweetin has had a big year; not only is it almost time for the Netflix premiere of Fuller House, she also got engaged recently.

The sitcom actress says that when beau Justin Hodak proposed, he made sure her two daughters were there, and that they gave their approval.

"We're really happy and my kids were there when he asked me and they gave their approval. They were thrilled and we have a great life today. It's amazing," Sweetin said.

However, Jodie says that when she first started dating Hodak she brought him around her television family, as well, because she wanted to make sure they gave their approval.

"The first time I brought him around, I was like, 'OK, just so you know, Bob is gonna sit down and talk to you and question you about stuff. And you gotta get in with Dave and John!' We're all like family and they love him. It's great."

Sweetin has been having a blast on the set of Fuller House, sharing photos from the cast's time together to tease fans before the premiere. Almost all of the original cast is back for the reboot, which follows Candace Cameron Bure's character DJ as she navigates being a single mom with a little help from her family.

While it might have been weird for some actors to come back to a show with people they hadn't performed with in years, it's different for the Full House crew because they're all friends who have kept in touch since the original show ended. With the exception of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the group is pretty close and often show up on one another's Instagram.

“We are having so much fun. I love working with Jodie Sweetin every day. It’s so great. I don’t think we could have planned it better, asked for anything better. I think it’s exceeding all of our expectations — just the camaraderie on set and the show itself. The writing is really great and funny, and I’m excited for you all to see it. It’s crazy that we get to do this again together," Candace Cameron Bure said.

Only 18 days until #fullerhouse premieres on @netflix !!! It's almost here!!

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