Jodie Sweetin Pleases Judges With Nostalgic "Full House" Opening On "Dancing With The Stars"

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Jodie Sweetin grew up in front of our eyes on the hit sitcom Full House, and like many child stars, she had her share of problems with drug and alcohol abuse during her teen years. Now that she's back on television with Netflix's Fuller House, she wants to prove to everyone that she's taking her career comeback seriously and wants to make everyone proud.

The actress certainly did that with her premiere on Dancing With The Stars, filming an opening with dance partner Keo Motsepe that mirrors the opening credits on Full House before breaking into a tango that earned good scores from the judges.

Although Sweetin has had acting roles outside of Full House, it's been a little bit since she had such a large audience, and she admitted in a pre-recorded segment on DWTS that she was nervous because she wanted to do her best.

"I'm worried about what other people think. When I was a kid I didn't care if I looked stupid. Now as an adult I have this fear," she told Motsepe.

Sweetin did impress the judges, who had only a couple of things to say in the way of constructive criticism.

"It got a bit hectic on occasions and you were doing strange things with your head...but you came out and you gave it some welly," said Len Goodman.

Now that she's fully immersed in the DWTS world, Jodie Sweetin says she knows she'll be nervous every week because she understands what to expect. However, she's getting a ton of support from her television family, who took to social media on Monday night to cheer her on.

"I'm not afraid to put myself out there and share my emotions with the world. Every day I'm working on facing my fears and becoming a better person. I feel great about how things went tonight, but that doesn't mean I have any less fear about next week. I think I'll be nervous every show," Jodie told People.

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