Job Posting Points To Microsoft Already Working On Surface Successor

IT Management

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We're still a few months out from the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft's Surface tablet. Microsoft is most likely finalizing details on the tablet, including the elusive price. Some job postings that appeared on Microsoft's career Web site seem to suggest that Microsoft may be working on more than just the first Surface.

Techradar found some hard evidence that Microsoft is working on whatever the company will make after the Surface. For now, they're dubbing it the Surface 2, but I would love for them to call it the Surface 360. Either way, the relevant job postings went up on Microsoft's Web site between the months of June and August. They were looking for a few good men and women to help them build "devices that fully express the Windows vision."

So what exactly is the Windows vision? The job posting was looking for an engineer with knowledge of touch displays, small and large. The large may be a hint that Microsoft's acquisition of PerceptivePixel may lead to more large touchscreens in the home, not just at the office or school.

The postings also seem to suggest that Microsoft will be working just as fast as their competitors to push new tablets and other devices out the door. Apple, Samsung and others currently operate on annual cycles with consumers being able to look for a new product every year. Would Microsoft stick to such a strict product lifecycle? If they wanted to compete with the likes of Apple, they would have to.

The most interesting part of the postings was in the actual hardware design. It looks like Microsoft is looking for engineers who will work "metals, ceramics, plastics and thin films." The current Surface already uses a new method of metal sculpting. A cover involving ceramics would be equally interesting.

The Surface has a lot to prove this year. This is Microsoft's fist major foray into consumer electronics beyond the Xbox. Microsoft has already been able to convince everybody to buy an Xbox 360 for Kinect. Will they be able to do the same with the Surface when everybody already has an iPad?