Joan Rivers Victim Of Cake Attack

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It seems that somebody has gotten even with comedian Joan Rivers and he or she did it in a very public and embarrassing way.

Last night in Hollywood, Rivers came darting out of a party thrown by QVC with cake all over her face and on much of her clothing.

According to reports, the 80 year old funny woman and host of Fashion Police abruptly rushed out of the party with her clothes and face completely covered in white icing, and during her quick exit, she begged security to get her out of there and into her car.

At this time it is unknown if the cake throwing was a gag of some sort or if somebody wanted to seek revenge against Rivers since she often talks negatively about celebrities, even if it's in a joking way.

But whatever the reason, it seems that some people are really happy about it.

"LOL, this is the best thing that's happened in Hollywood all year, one person wrote on People magazine's website after reading about the story. "She's a nasty old biddy with nothing positive to offer the world."

However, others felt attacking an 80 year old women or anybody for that matter is completely wrong, no mater what he or she said in the past. "No one deserves to be attacked," wrote another person. "And this is a physical attack or battery. If you don't like someone ignore them. I don't understand how someone can be so nasty to think that this is funny, warranted or okay. Shame on you."

It's no secret that the veteran comedian and actress has made a living off of saying nasty things about people, and as a result she's caught her fair share of backlash. Most recently, actress Jennifer Lawrence spoke about River's show Fashion Police and how negative it is.

"And there's shows like the Fashion Police and things like that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on things," said Lawrence late last year. "That they put value in all the things that are wrong and it's okay to point at people and call them ugly and call them fat and they call it 'fun.'"

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