Joan Rivers Selling Off Country Home Furnishings

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Joan Rivers is selling off many of the furnishings from her country home in Connecticut. This was reported earlier on Wednesday by Christie's auction house. More than 150 items will go up for auction during a New York sale, and will include furniture, fine art, ceramics and other objects from the octogenarian's home. Rivers sold the home last year $4.4 million, which included the caretaker's cottage on the property.

Some of the highlights of the auction will include Rivers' bed, which is upholstered in pink linen. It is expected to fetch upward of $3,000. Fifteen animal horn trophies could bring in as much as $2,000, and a pair of white palm trees are pre-sale valued at $5,000.

"This home was filled with some of the treasure of my life," Joan Rivers said in a statement that announced the sale.

Additional items to be sold at auction include items made for Rivers by some of her friends, pieces created by top furniture makers, and treasures she picked up while traveling all over the world.

Joan Rivers was in the news recently because she was cake bombed at a party in L.A. She was spotted exiting the party rather quickly, covered in cake and icing. It wound up being an elaborate publicity stunt designed to promote a new line of Miss Piggy QVC products. Yes, you read that correctly. A muppet will have a product line at QVC. One can only hope it isn't a diet aid. Miss Piggy is on Twitter, too, and "she" posted the following after the event.

You can see how the whole cake bombing scenario went down--as well as witness a hilarious encounter between Joan Rivers and the feisty female pig by watching the following clip.

Joan Rivers will no doubt rake in a bundle during the Christie's auction of her country home items. Perhaps she can afford a few of the items Miss Piggy will be touting on QVC. Rivers actually plans to donate part of the auction proceeds to charity.

Check out the hilarious video clip that highlights an undisclosed feud between Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy that apparently went on for decades, unbeknownst to anyone in Hollywood.

Perhaps Miss Piggy will be seen bidding on Joan's belongings at the Christie's auction in New York. Rumor has it she's got her eye on that pink upholstered bed.

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