Joan Rivers: New Details About Her Death


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The death of Joan Rivers was shocking and tragic, and her family, friends and fans are demanding answers from the clinic responsible for her passing.

According to Page Six, a recent report has revealed new information about her death and shows that Rivers could possibly have been saved had the doctors performing the surgery performed CPR and called 911 as soon as they noticed her vital signs were not right.

Instead, the report shows that they continued the throat procedure for at least 14 minutes after they first noticed her blood pressure and heart rate dropping.

The report also shows that the doctors tried to resuscitate her themselves after she went into cardiac arrest and waited another 10 minutes to call 911.

“She had no heartbeat, no pulse, she wasn’t breathing,” a source told Page Six. “She had cyanosis around the lips and the mouth — that’s when your lips turn blue from lack of oxygen. That takes several minutes without oxygen.”

The report claims that the medics who arrived at the scene were able to get Rivers' heart beating again and were also able to restore oxygen to her lungs. Unfortunately, too much time had passed and her brain had gone longer than the five minutes it takes for brain damage to occur. Rivers was not able to recover and died a week after she went into cardiac arrest.

“They should have stopped the procedure and started resuscitation right away and done an emergency tracheotomy if there was any obstruction,” the insider added. “Maybe she would still be alive.”

Rivers' daughter Melissa did not comment on the new evidence found in the report but previously said that she is ready to move on and help make sure that a similar incident does not happen to anyone else.