Joan Rivers Accused Of Making Racist Comments


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Joan Rivers doesn't have a filter and she usually says whatever comes to her mind. It's not uncommon for Rivers to say things that are offensive, and most people just laugh them off and let them slide.

Lately, Rivers has been pressing her luck and making more people mad than usual. Just a few months ago she was criticized for telling a joke about the women who had been abducted and held hostage in Ohio. She has also made offensive comments about Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan and even President Obama and his wife.

Rivers has never apologized for any of her offensive jokes and says that they were meant to be funny and that anyone who is offended by her material should just lighten up.

Rivers has managed to make headlines again for her bad jokes and this time she is accused of making racist comments about Justin Bieber. Rivers made the comments on E!’s Fashion Police after being asked how she felt about Bieber.

“That little b***ch just gets on my nerves,” Rivers said.

“You are not a big black thug, you are just like your shoes – ordinary and completely white,” she said to Bieber while looking at the camera.

Rivers had obviously said things that were much worse and the strange thing is that Bieber isn't the one who is upset about the comments.

Victor Willis of the music group The Village People is the one who is angry over the comments. He called Rivers out on Twitter over the remarks and said that he believes she should apologize for them and stop being so rude and offensive.

Rivers hasn't released a statement about Willis or his opinions and if she does it will probably just be something that offends him.

Do you think Rivers is too mean and would you consider her joke racist?

Image via Wikimedia Commons