Jinger Duggar Wanted to Escape ’19 Kids and Counting’ Household, Parents Made Her Stay With Abuser Josh Duggar

Jinger Duggar, one of Josh Duggar’s purported sexual molestation victims, wanted to escape the 19 Kids and Counting household for the city when she was 18, but her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, wouldn’t allow it.

Since word has emerged in the past few days about Josh Duggar having molested five underage females–four of whom are his sisters–when he was a teenager, much speculation has arisen about life inside the Duggar family. Fans of the show surely remember when Jinger Duggar made it clear she wanted to leave the 19 Kids and Counting fold, but three years later she is still living with the family.

RadarOnline shared a piece about Jinger Duggar expressing her dream of leaving back in 2012.

“She doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization,” Jessa Duggar said at the time.

“No! City please city please,” Jinger Duggar pleaded.

Michelle Duggar quickly took control of the situation, explaining to the TLC cameras that Jinger Duggar didn’t want to escape the family–she simply wanted to live ’15 minutes from a Walmart.’

Instead of fostering their daughter’s dream, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar suggested she go stay with her molester brother Josh Duggar instead.

Twitter fans have expressed their concern about Jinger Duggar since word of Josh Duggar’s crimes has emerged.

It’s unlikely Jinger Duggar–or even Jana Duggar, who is also of legal age–will leave the 19 Kids and Counting fold until they marry. That’s been engrained into their very beings, and sadly, so has the forgiveness of their brother’s actions. They’ve spent years living with what Josh Duggar purportedly did to them, and even though the scars no doubt run deep, they’ll probably live by their parents rules. They know nothing else.

Do you hope or expect Jinger Duggar will now escape the 19 Kids and Counting household with the encouragement of her fans?

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