Jimmy Fallon Target of Seattle Seahawks 'Superlatives'


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Over the years, Jimmy Fallon has ripped into NFL players with his "Superlatives" segment. Though Fallon has targeted players on many squads, he seems to really dig into Seattle Seahawks stars.

For instance, Fallon once said Jon Ryan is "most likely to get sunburned by the moon," and called Russell Wilson "most likely to wave with just his fingers."

And Marshawn Lynch, well, Lynch has been at the end of many a Fallon superlative.

Now, the Seattle Seahawks are hitting back with their own superlatives – all about the Tonight Show host.

Check out the hilarious video below:

Here's why the Seahawks felt the need to get revenge on Fallon:

I'd still give the edge to Fallon and his team of writers, but hey, the Seahawks' superlatives were pretty good too.