Jimmy Fallon Hosts 'Pitch Perfect 2' Stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson

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Jimmy Fallon hosted two of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast members this week. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson both appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, promoting their film that premieres in theaters nationwide today.

On Tuesday, Anna Kendrick became the first female star to ever compete against Jimmy Fallon in an epic game of Egg Russian Roulette.

Anna Kendrick was all dressed up to promote her film, but vowed she'd mess up her look to play the gooey game.

Announcer Steve Higgins addressed both Jimmy Fallon and Anna Kendrick prior to the game.

"Here in my hand I have one dozen eggs," Higgins said. "Eight of them have been hard-boiled, four of them are still raw, uncooked, untainted by fire. You and Anna will take turns selecting one egg at a time — uno ovum — and smash them upon the top of your head. You won't know which eggs are raw and which are hard-boiled. Once you choose, you may not unchoose. You must smash that egg upon your head. First one to smash two raw eggs on their head loses."

"You are actually the first woman to play this game and dare play this game," Jimmy Fallon told her. "You called it, I was like, 'You wanna call me out? Let's do it, girlfriend.'"

"You know why? You know why?" Kendrick shot back, successfully smashing her second hard-boiled egg. "Cause I've got... eggs... It makes sense."

Check out the sportsmanship involved in Egg Russian Roulette, and see whether Jimmy Fallon or Anna Kendrick won by watching the clip below.

The next night--Tuesday--Jimmy Fallon hosted Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect 2. He challenged her to his popular Whisper Challenge game.

Rebel Wilson donned her headphones and Jimmy Fallon spoke the first phrase at her--which she, of course, coudn't hear. Wilson, however, didn't quite manage to guess the correct phrase ("deflated balls").

"Feel my balls?" she asked, causing Jimmy Fallon to burst into laughter. He tried again.

"I'm still getting feel my balls!" she said to Fallon, who couldn't stop cracking up.

The Whisper Challenge is always one of Jimmy Fallon's most hilarious games.

It was indeed a fun week watching The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon as he hosted these Pitch Perfect 2 stars. Seeing how funny both Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are will no doubt prompt even more people to catch them in theaters this weekend in their latest film.

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