Jimmy Fallon Hangs With Matt Harvey at Stanley Cup Finals

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Jimmy Fallon hung out with NY Mets' pitcher Matt Harvey at Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night and the two got silly on Instagram following their fun. The injured New York Mets star and the late night funny man joked back and forth on Twitter as well.

As Yahoo! Sports points out, this is the first time Matt Harvey has appeared on Twitter in about six weeks since he famously flipped off his upcoming Tommy John surgery and axed his account. It's back now, however.

During his recuperation time Harvey has grown a beard and Jimmy Fallon had a good time ribbing him about it--even calling him Joaquin Phoenix in one of their social media conversations. Harvey started it, of course, saying first that he was sitting next to Jimmy Kimmel instead of Jimmy Fallon (he, of course, was kidding) and that 'Kimmel' didn't recognize him--because of the beard.

Jimmy Fallon's tweet included a link to the following Instagram photo.

Fallon captioned the photo with his Twitter comment.

Mets fans didn't take kindly to seeing their pitcher taking in the Stanley Cup Finals and thought he should be at home recuperating instead.

It will be fun to see if Jimmy Fallon brings up the tweets and the Instagram shot on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. The guy is a genius at using social media to further his comedic causes.

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