Jim Stillwagon: Road Rage Shooting Lands Him In Jail

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Jim Stillwagon, a former Ohio State football player, was charged with felonious assault on Monday after a weekend incident saw him shoot a man over a traffic violation in Delaware, Ohio.

Stillwagon, who was on a motorcycle, was believed to have been cut off by a man in a pickup truck on Sunday. Stillwagon allegedly shot at the truck on a highway exit ramp and then followed it into a nearby parking lot, where he confronted the driver and struck him on the head with his gun. The gun accidentally went off, grazing the man on the head.

"Considering the circumstances, he's extremely lucky," Delaware police chief Bruce Pijanowski said. "He had probably just superficial injuries, and it could have been a lot worse."

The man was treated at a nearby hospital and later released. Stillwagon had a permit to carry the gun, but the assault charge has seen him jailed on $350,000 bond. There have also been reports that Stillwagon shot in self-defense, but few details have emerged and probably won't until his hearing on October 10th. The story is a sad commentary on how drivers allow road rage to affect them, and Pijanowski says it all started over something so small.

"There was some type of conflict between the two where the truck potentially cut off the motorcycle or vice versa," Pijanowski, said. "And then neither one of them backed off."

Amanda Crum
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