Jim Schwartz May Lose His Job After An Awful Season For The Detroit Lions


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Well, the post-season for the Detroit Lions is officially out of the picture after their embarrassing overtime loss to the New York Giants.

Jim Schwartz has had his ups and downs as a coach, and the Lions have experienced the definition of an up and down season, bringing his future in the city of Detroit into question.

Whether Jim Schwartz has lost his job as the Lions' head coach will be determined in the coming weeks, but as a team that was set to win the division with a commanding lead earlier in the season, they have now been knocked out of the playoffs.

In an almost impossible scenario, the Lions went from 6-3 to 7-8, making fans of the Detroit Lions wonder what could have possibly happened in the second half of the season. Then again, most Lions fans have become used to failure, after experiencing all their defeats of the past.

Speaking on his possible departure, and the future of the Detroit Lions, Jim Scwartz said "Speculation is not my business.My business is coaching the team and trying to keep it focused. That’s job enough without worrying about all the other stuff.”

They lost an ugly game to the Eagles in Philadelphia, during a major snowstorm, in a game that also saw running back LeSean McCoy set the rushing record for most yards in a game as a player for the Eagles, which escalated their downward spiral.

The Lions were able to hit the final nail on the coffin when Jim Schwartz's team was unable to defeat the Giants, a team that had struggled all season long, and had no reason to win the game, other than to embarrass the Lions even further.

With the Bears and Packers playing without their starting quarterbacks and struggling for most of the season, it gave the Lions the opportunity to take control of a struggling NFC North division, but the Lions simply continued to beat themselves on every occasion they got.

Matthew Stafford has thrown interceptions at all the wrong times throughout the season, including two last night, and one that helped the Giants get back in the game. After the game was sent to overtime, the Lions managed to lose on a long field goal for the second week in a row.

With a record of 7-8, Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions have no chance of making the playoffs, even during a year with all sorts of possible playoff scenarios, and only two teams that have clinched a spot after week 16.

With an unknown future going into the post-season, Jim Schwartz and the Lions have some serious decisions to make during the off-season. Should the Lions fire Jim Schwartz? Who should replace him?

Earlier in the year, the Lions were considered one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL, and now they will not be in the playoffs.

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