Jillian Michaels' Loser Exit Due To Scandal

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Jillian Michaels is leaving the popular show The Biggest Loser for the third time, though if she'll be back again is unknown.

"After helping hundreds of contestants transform their lives and inspiring millions of viewers at home, The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels have decided to part ways and she will not be returning for season 16 when it airs in the fall," NBC said in a statement.

The departure is not that big of a surprise to Jillian Michaels fans or her close circle of friends.

Trouble was obviously on its way when back in February, contestant Rachel Frederickson won the contest with a shocking 155 pound weight loss and appeared extremely thin and unhealthy.

Her appearance sparked major controversy on the show and had critics of the show asking if perhaps the show and its trainers, including Jillian Michaels (who was not Frederickson's trainer), were focusing too much on body size and weight and not putting enough focus on health.

After the scandal broke, Jillian Michaels was rumored to want off of the show.

"She wasn't happy with how last season went. The shocking weight loss of Rachel [Frederickson] doesn't do the brand any favors and she wants to distance her name from it.", said a source that is reportedly close to Jillian Michaels.

Michaels was, by all appearances, just as shocked as anyone else at the contestants' big reveal. She began to question the ethics of The Biggest Loser herself.

"We are allowed to speak with our contestants after they go home...but no one had told me, 'Hey, Rachel is very, very thin.' Bob [Harper] and I had no idea. Nobody had told us, nobody had said anything to us, so yes, I was stunned," JIllian Michaels said. "Obviously, I thought she had lost too much weight and I was immediately concerned and wondering how this happened, how no one had said something to me and how the checks and balances that have been put into place, in my opinion, this had fallen through those checks and balances."

Therefore, her departure is understandable, but will the show be the same without Jillian Michaels? We shall see.

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