Jill Hansen: Pro Surfer Charged With Attempted Murder

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Jill Hansen seemingly had it all; not only is she a professional surfer, she is also a model with her own line of swimwear. So, what would make this very successful woman want to kill a 73-year-old woman?

That is the question that everyone is asking after Hansen allegedly tried to run over Elizabeth Conklin, a Hawaiian native, with her car.

On Wednesday, Conklin explained to ABC News that she parked in her normal spot in the parking garage at the Diamond Head apartments in Waikiki. Little did she know, when she exited the car, she would be the victim of a hit-and-run. “I parked in my normal parking place, and I got out and all of a sudden I woke up in an ambulance."

Apparently, Hansen had been waiting for Conklin to get out of the vehicle before plowing into her. Luckily, a bystander was there to witness the incident, and smashed out Hansen's back window before she was able to hit her again.

The bystander, a maintenance worker for the building, said that Hansen had put her car in reverse and was going to back over Conklin a second time. “He saw her in her car getting ready to hit me again. He totally saved my life,” Conklin said. Conklin was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries, and is said to be headed for a full recovery.

According to the investigators, Hansen then fled the scene, but was later tracked down by police. No official motive has been released; however, it is believed that Hansen was wanting to steal Conklin's vehicle. Hansen is currently being held on a $1 million bond.

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