Jill & Derick Dillard Prepare For Baby With Bible

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Jill and Derick Dillard are extremely excited for their sweet little bundle of joy to get here, and to prepare for the labor and birth they are writing out encouraging Bible verses.

On Sunday, September 28, Jill posted a photo to Instagram that showed the couple sitting outside while filling note cards with encouraging words. "Writing out bible verses for encouragement during pregnancy, labor and delivery! #scriptureboard #babydilly #pregnancyprep #blessedparents" Jill captioned the photo. Verses from Deuteronomy and Isaiah could be seen in the photo as well as lyrics from popular Christian songs such as "How Great Is Our God" and "I Will Serve Thee."

Jill and Derick found out that they were expecting only a few short weeks after they said "I do." The devout Christians saved all forms of intimacy until marriage, including their first kiss. Like her mother Michelle Duggar, who has 19 kids, Jill hopes to have a large family.

“We purposed to save ourselves physically for each other within marriage (even our first kiss for our wedding day!), so we had a short engagement period,” Jill said. “We knew that we weren’t going to prevent having children, so when we found out we were expecting within our first month of marriage, we were thrilled!”

The couple hopes to pass on their strong beliefs to their son or daughter, and to do this they want to try their best to set a good example for their children. "For a daughter, I want to show her how a man should treat her, just like Jill's dad did for her," Derick explained to the Christian Post. "And just be the best dad I can be to both my sons and daughters and really purpose to teach them the Word of God early on and pray that they will come to the Lord early in life. And helping them be open, not afraid to come to us about anything."

"Both of our parents have had the hearts of their children, knowing that they can come to them and talk about anything," Jill added. "And then, just really leading by example and purposing to have a Godly marriage and one that is focused on the Lord. And hopefully the children will learn to fear God and be a servant of all."

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