Jill Conley, Jill's Wish Cancer Support Founder, Dies Of Breast Cancer

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Jill Conley, brave cancer warrior, died this morning at the age of 38.

Jill Conley gained recognition when she appeared on Today with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, who is a breast cancer survivor.

During her years-long battle with cancer, Jill Conley started Jill's Wish. Jill's Wish is a non-profit foundation for cancer sufferers which awards grants to those who need money for their recovery and to take care of their families.

Jill Conley passed away quietly with her husband, Bart Brzezinski, and her mother, Rosemary Duchon, by her side.

After the news of Jill Conley's death was made known, Hoda Kotb posted a heartfelt and sorrowful tweet.

Hoda Kotb first met Jill Conley in 2013 at a Cayman Islands gala to raise money for breast cancer programs and research.

Hoda, during the Today #InspiredBy series, said of her first meeting with Jill Conley, "You know she's ill, and you know her time is limited, but somehow you want nothing more than to be like her."

She added, "It's so funny. When I look at Jill, all I see is the light from her eyes. And I wanted to be in her aura, in her circle."

Kathie Lee Gifford offered her own compliments about Jill Conley.

She said, "She's totally alive. And how many of us who go through our days, every day, could say the same?"

What do you think about the extraordinary life with cancer that Jill Conley led?

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