JFK Assassination: Yep, There's an App for That, Too

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Are you a tech savvy history buff? Can you not get enough information on the JFK assassination in the midst of all the anniversary frenzy? Well, Apple has you covered. Check out the new Grassy Knoll Report App.

The app is an interactive tool that uses historical research and analysis with modern photography and GPS-enabled maps, in order to fully explore the conspiracy of all conspiracies that ended in the death of John F. Kennedy in 1963. It was written by Joe Williams, who is an award-winning reporter and film critic for the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

For 99 cents, you can explore the various conspiracy theories that have been floated over the years involving everyone from the CIA to the Mafia, and virtually stand behind the fence where the kill shot was allegedly fired. You can also visit Parkland Hospital where the famous "magic bullet" was discovered, or follow Lee Harvey Oswald on his journey from Mexico City to Dallas, where his life supposedly ended in murder.

You can also take a virtual ride out to Oak Cliff where Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit was shot to death by a mystery gunman and shadow Jack Ruby on his infamous crazy weekend that ended in murder, and view the basement where Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. What a ride.

This thing includes articles on the assassination conspiracy theory, timelines, and coverage of key locations and people. You can also see how these locations look in the present day, as well as historical photos.

This app is awesome for those of us that just happen to be obsessed with JFK, Oswald, or conspiracies in general. Even Jimmy Fallon knows a great thing when he sees it, saying, “The Grassy Knoll Report is amazing. Everyone needs to see this.”

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