JFK Airport Evacuation Caused By "Suspicious" Package

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JFK Airport suffered a minor scare on Sunday when a terminal was shut down due to a "suspicious" package found in the baggage holding area.

Airport officials were being cautious when they closed the terminal due to recent events in Boston and the Ricin-laced packages sent to government officials just after the bombings last week; however, their worry was all for naught, as the package was actually just a tube of toothpaste.

Apparently, the owner of the baggage had wrapped the tube in duct tape, which prompted an investigation. Why anyone would bring a duct-tape wrapped tube of toothpaste into an airport has still not been explained.

The terminal was re-opened after an hour and a half, causing just enough of a delay to upset commuters. But authorities say they are on alert at the moment after the horrific bombings in Boston, which may have caused the rumors to start about the toothpaste being "wired". Officials say that was never the case and that it was completely harmless.

LaGuardia Airport was evacuated last week due to a bomb scare after travelers reported seeing suspicious wiring hanging from a fluorescent lighting fixture. The incident was quickly resolved, however.

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