Jewish Center Shooting Suspect: Hate Crime Or Random

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A shooting at a Jewish Community Center and retirement community in Overland Park, Kansas claimed the lives of 3 people Sunday. A 14-year-old Eagle Scout and his beloved grandfather were shot in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center, and a woman was shot in at the Village Shalom retirement community.

Police say that the shooter fired at 2 other people, but missed, according to ABC.

Police now have a suspect. Fraiser Glenn Cross Jr., of Aurora, Mo. was arrested soon after the shootings in a nearby elementary school parking lot.

"We have no indication that he knew the victims," Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass said. "We're investigating it as a hate crime, we're investigating it as a criminal act, we haven't ruled out anything," Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass said.

As far as weapons go, he said, "There was a shotgun that was involved. We are exploring the possibility that a handgun was involved in the shooting at the two persons that he missed, and we are looking at the possibility of an assault rifle."

In a heart-wrenching family statement about the 14-year-old victim, Reat Griffin Underwood, it was made known that he was a freshman at Blue Valley High School, where he participated in debate and theatre. He was described as having "a beautiful voice. Reat had a passion for life, and touched so many people in his young age." As an Eagle Scout he "loved spending time camping and hunting with his Grandfather, Father, and brother."

Reat's grandfather, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, practiced family medicine in Marlow and Duncan, Okla., from 1976 through 2003. He then moved with his wife to the Kansas City area to be closer to their grandchildren.

The Jewish Community Center, which was getting ready to present To Kill A Mockingbird at the time of the shooting, issued a statement that read, "Our hearts go out to the families who have suffered loss on this tragic day." in part. It continued, "Our heartfelt gratitude as well to all those in Kansas City and around the world who have expressed sympathy, concern and support."

Could this possibly be a hate crime or simply a coincidence in its location?

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