JetBrains Releases Fleet, a Lightweight, Multi-Language IDE

JetBrains has released Fleet, a new, lightweight development IDE that supports multiple languages.

JetBrains makes some of the leading software development IDEs on the market, supporting a slew of languages. The company has received requests for a lightweight editor and it has delivered in the form of Fleet. Despite being lightweight, Fleet is designed to be a full-featured IDE.

Well, today we’re extremely happy to announce Fleet, a lightweight editor but with a twist!

When you first launch Fleet, it starts up as a full-fledged editor that provides syntax highlighting, simple code completion, and all the things you’d expect from an editor. But wait, there’s more! 

Fleet is also a fully functional IDE bringing smart completion, refactorings, navigation, debugging, and everything else that you’re used to having in an IDE – all with a single button click.

Another benefit of Fleet is its multi-language support, including its ability to handle multiple languages in a single IDE, rather than requiring a different IDE for each language.

Developers often use a variety of technologies, not only across different projects but also within a single project. At JetBrains, we’ve always strived to leverage the knowledge of the environment you’re using, which is why all of our existing IDEs are based on the same core platform. 

With Fleet, we take that approach one step further by making it a single IDE. You no longer have to open different IDEs to get the functionality you need for your specific technology. With Fleet it is all there in a single application.

Supported languages include Java, Kotlin, Python, Go, JavaScript, Rust, TypeScript and JSON, with PHP, C++, C# and HTML coming soon.

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