Jessie J Defends Ariana Grande, Claims The Singer Is Not A Diva

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Ariana Grande has been having her share of hate with allegations of diva behavior, but singer Jessie J refuses to believe the rumors. Jessie J recently defended Grande, whom she collaborated with recently for the single “Bang Bang” with Nicki Minaj.

Last week, at the William Rast debut at Lord & Taylor in New York City, Jessie J spoke to Us Weekly and told the publication why Grande was not a diva.

“I always say, judge a person when you meet them. I’ve met Ariana, and there’s a very thin line between ‘diva’ and ‘survival.’ And a lot of people can’t [differentiate that] — and I’ve had that," Jessie J said. “I’ve had the diva stuff. And it’s when people can’t cope with how passionate you are, and how much you care.”

Jessie J also added that Grande was very young but “super talented” and “very sure of what she wants,” which is probably why people perceive the singer to be exacting. “I think she’s wonderful. She’s great,” said Jessie J.

According to Yahoo!, Grande recently scrapped an Australian schedule for promotion because she didn’t like her pictures from a photo shoot, and some fans in The US were reportedly snubbed by the “Problem” singer. However, Jessie J only has praises to sing of her.

“She’s wonderful and she's had an extraordinary amount of success and the media sadly can't keep celebrating that, so they have to find something that they feel people would want to be more nosily interested in,” said Jessie J.

Meanwhile, Sweet Talker, Jessie J’s latest album, is reportedly getting so-so reviews. The New York Post gave the album 2-and-a-half stars, noting that Jessie J had “vocal gifts” but that they could sometimes produce “overblown results.”

Sweet Talker is at its best when the Brit pipes down a little and lets the songs do the work,” wrote the publication’s Hardeep Phull of Jessie J’s third album.

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