Jessica Simpson Shows Off Stunning Figure [PHOTO]


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Singer Jessica Simpson's weight battle has been well documented, as she's openly spoke about it in past interviews and recently became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

And after losing a bunch of weight, only to gain it back during her second pregnancy, the blonde bombshell has once again melted off plenty of pounds and looks absolutely wonderful.

Simpson took to her Instagram account to not only show how good she's looking these days, but to let everybody know how accomplished and proud she feels for knocking off her post baby weight.

"Too proud to sit down," wrote Simpson, when she posted the Instagram photo. "Behind the scenes of my new commercial. Thanks #weightwatchers."

In the photo, you'll see the 33-year old looking extremely svelte in a body-hugging black dress, as she stands next to the door of what looks to be her dressing room. And soon after the photo was posted, her followers left a bunch of comments to let her know how good she looks.

"Sexy mama. Work it," one person wrote. "You are so beautiful at any weight," another person commented, which is sure to make the singer feel even happier. That's assuming she actually reads all of her Instagram comments.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Simpson said she never worried about her weight during her pregnancies, so when she finally realized how much weight she actually gained, she was devastated.

"It was the first time I had to come face-to-face with the scale," she said, "And I thought my life was completely over. I was not expecting to see the number that I saw, because it's just never a number that I could fathom weighing, but I did. I had a moment there where I was standing on the scale, and faced with a severe truth- and I didn't know if I could do it. I really didn't know if it was going to happen for me."

Evidently, it did happen for her, as Simpson looks like she never gave birth to two babies in the first place. Good for her.

Image via Wikimedia Commons