Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Celebrate Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Together

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Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson didn't want the typical bachelor and bachelorette parties where they went off in separate directions with friends of the same gender only. Instead the engaged couple and parents of two decided to combine their parties and simply have fun with all of their friends at the same time. So the pair enjoyed good food, the company of lots of friends, and even some dancing on the night they celebrated their soon-to-be-over single lives.

"It wasn't about being naughty," a friend explained. "They just wanted a great night out with their friends and family."

"They didn’t want a traditional bachelor-bachelorette where they go off and do their own thing, because our group of friends is so close we just wanted to all be together," Jessica's best friend and bridesmaid Stephanie Terblanche said.

So who made the guest list for the rather exclusive event? Jessica Simpson's mom Tina was in attendance as were all of the members of the impending wedding party and their significant others. Eric Johnson also invited his NFL teammates.

"This is what we would do anyway. We would all go out, and I think that this speaks for the group. If we are not going to be at someone’s house hanging out playing beer pong, this is the closest thing to it," Stephanie added.

"Everyone had a great time," Stephanie said of the event held at The Warwick in Los Angeles. "There were fun toasts at dinner and dancing!"

And while there were no strippers or fancy dress, the crowd enjoyed a night on the tiles where Jessica Simpson was ready and able to show off her amazing new figure, courtesy of her hard work and a little help from Weight Watchers.

"[They] were just excited to have some fun and celebrate with the people they love," Terblanche said.

Fans are getting very excited about Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson's upcoming wedding. This combined bachelor/bachelorette party served to move Jess and Eric one giant step closer toward that exciting day.

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