Jessica Sanchez: Twitter Fans React To Upset

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16-year old Jessica Sanchez had plenty of supporters on hand for last night's finale of "American Idol", but it wasn't enough to keep her from second place, and her fans are pretty upset about it.

There's been a lot of speculation about this season of the show around the interweb, particularly whether or not the judges and producers were biased from the start towards Phillip Phillips, Sanchez's unfortunately-named competitor. For instance, he was allowed a guitar in the early stages of the show, whereas the use of instruments during auditions has been strictly forbidden in former seasons. While Phillips certainly has a likable, sellable quality (as well as those dreamy good looks everyone is talking about), fans of Jessica Sanchez felt she wasn't given a fair chance. However, she may get the last laugh, since the second place contestant on several seasons of the show has gone on to be more successful than the winner.

Phillips seemed to be the star of the show last night, with way more camera time than Sanchez, although her simple rendition of "I Will Always Love You" rocked the house down and gave her fans some hope that perhaps she would sweep the night after all. But Phillips took the title, and Twitter has been abuzz ever since.

Phillip Phillips may have won the American Idol title but Jessica Sanchez has won the WORLD's heart 🙂 RETWEET if you're agree.
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How Philip philips won American idol last night over 16 year old jessica Sanchez is beyond me I thought this competition was about voice !
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Phillip Phillips has the looks, but Jessica Sanchez has the wow factor. She should've won in my opinion.
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just making it to the top 2 is already an amazing feat! watch her shine even more in the coming days. congrats jessica sanchez! ?
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Yoooo, so am I the only person mad that Jessica Sanchez didn't win Idol last nite?
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Ang bobo ng mga judges sa #AMERICANIDOL you win Jessica Sanchez. They cheat you, the judges are stupid.
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