Jessica Padgett Alleged Murderer's Stunning Motive: Sex With Her Dead Body?

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The murder of 33-year-old Jessica Padgett is tragic enough in and of itself.

The Pennsylvania daycare worker was allegedly killed at the hands of her own step-father, 53-year-old Gregory R. Graf, which only added to the horrible nature of her death.

However, the motive put forth by prosecutors lifts Padgett's untimely death puts a disturbing and bizarre spin on exactly why Graf is believed to have murdered his step-daughter and hid her body on his seven-acre property.

According to the Allentown Morning Call, Graf is believed to have murdered Padgett in order to have sex with her corpse.

At the time Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli made the accusation, his office was reportedly trying to determine whether Jessica Padgett was the victim of a sexual assault before or after her death.

Officials confirmed on Friday that Padgett was indeed sexually assaulted after she was killed.

Even worse, there is reportedly video evidence of the twisted event.

According to Morganelli, Graf videotaped himself engaging in sexual acts with Padgett after killing her. If true, this will no doubt serve as the key evidence meant to convict Jessica's stepfather for her murder.

Jessica Padgett was last seen alive when she left Duck Duck Goose Daycare in Northampton, Penn. on November 21. She intended to stop by the home of her mother and step-father in order to send a fax.

Padgett's mother was away on vacation at the time of the incident.

After Jessica Padgett had gone missing, law enforcement searched her parent's property and eventually located her body behind a shed.

Shortly after, Graf was charged with her murder.

Even if this turn of events is startling to the average person, it's unsurprising to Dr. Fred Berlin, an expert who specializes in sexual disorders.

Berlin, who was testified during the Jeffrey Dahmer trial, said that while necrophilia is extremely rare, in the more notorious instances, it can lead to brutal acts of murder.

Dr. Fred Berlin noted that Dahmer would drug young men so that he could pretend that they were corpses. Needless to say, this already troubling behavior took a turn into even more terrifying territory.

While Graf will likely never achieve the infamy of Dahmer, the alleged motive behind his murder of step-daughter Jessica Padgett will certainly haunt the memories of their Pennsylvania community for some time.

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