Jessica Padgett Murdered, Corpse Sexually Abused

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The body of a 33-year-old daycare worker was found on her stepfather’s property and police believe the man may have killed his stepdaughter so he could have sex with her dead body.

53-year-old Gregory Robert Graf confessed to killing Jessica Padgett and disposing of her body.

Police found evidence that the body had been sexually abused after Padgett died. An investigation turned up a videotape made by Graf that shows him having sex with the dead body of Padgett.

Police believe that Graf killed Padgett because he planned to have an ongoing sexual relationship with her body and they plan to use the video and Graf’s confession in court.

Padgett was a mother of three and a newlywed.

She had just married her husband Michael Padgett in September. She was reported missing on November 21st after she failed to return back to work after her lunch break. She told her coworkers that she was headed to her stepfather’s home to use his fax machine.

Prosecutors filed an abuse of corpse charge against Graf on Monday, but said that the new charge will mean that they cannot seek the death penalty.

“It is not a capital case. We’ve reviewed the aggravating factors,” the DA told presiding judge Stephen Baratta during a court hearing.

Padgett’s mother lived with Graf in the home where Padgett was murdered, but was in Florida when the crime occurred.

The family is aware of the tape and the abuse of the body but has not made a statement about it.

More charges will likely be filed against Graf as the police continue to turn up more evidence.

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