Jessica Chastain Wants To Put A Stop To Bullying


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Jessica Chastain is a successful actress and beautiful woman, but she says that when she was a child she was bullied everyday by her classmates.

Her childhood bullies have made her want to help other girls and teens who are being bullied and she said that she hopes to one day rid the world of bullies.

"I was told every day at school that I was ugly. And that no one wanted to be my friend. The most cruel things," Chastain tells Glamour in its November cover story.

"If I can do anything to help young girls and to be a cheerleader for people who sometimes have low self-esteem, I want to do that."

She also said that although she is no longer bullied, she feels like their are still cliques in Hollywood and that she doesn't understand why some of the underdog actresses aren't chosen for roles that are often given to more popular actresses. She said she has also noticed that men seem to rule Hollywood and she thinks women should be chosen for some of the same roles.

"I'm really, really supportive of women in Hollywood. I love Meryl Streep. She's such an incredible actress. But I feel like she's the only one in her age group who gets those parts," Chastain told People. "Why isn't Viola Davis a lead in a film? She's one of the greatest actresses alive. And where are the Asian actors and actresses? I'm not saying, ‘We don't want movies about men.' I'm just saying, 'Come on, all the men I know love women. So let's also have some stories about these women.' "

Chastain has had a busy and successful year as an actress. She starred in two popular films, Interstellar and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, and another, A Most Violent Year, that is due out this fall.

She will be making at least three more films in 2015 and is one of Hollywood's most wanted female actresses. Hopefully she can use her fame to stop bullying and help other actresses get the film and television roles they want and deserve.