Jessica Chastain Bought Her Mom a Food Truck for Her Birthday?

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Most people might buy their mom a spa gift certificate for her birthday. Jessica Chastain bought her mom a food truck.

Even celebrities might buy dear Mom a Cadillac, a house, a trip around the world. But Jessica Chastain bought her mom a food truck. What gives?

Chastain, known for her roles in films like Zero Dark Thirty, The Help, and Christopher Nolan’s Interstallar, knew just what her mom would want. Chastain’s mom is vegan chef Jerri Hastey. Hastey used to run a restaurant, but now she’s moving up.

“It’s called Seed On The Go and it’s very, very exciting,” Chastain told Ellen Degeneres recently. “She used to have a restaurant and now she’s more mobile.”

While Chastain talked about the truck recently, she actually gave it to her mom over a year ago. Her mom posted a picture of the truck to her business Facebook page.

As the photo caption indicates, the truck was at the Sonoma Cutrer Winery. That led to some scrambling for Chastain.

“The funny thing is,” Chastain told Ellen, "that [photo] was on her Facebook page and she was so excited about the food truck, and I went and looked on her Facebook page and was like, ‘mom, you don’t understand the idea of a truck and wine. You cannot be sitting in the driver’s seat with a glass of wine hanging out the window!’”

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