Jessica Chambers: Gas Station Attendant Accused on Social Media Speaks Out

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Jessica Chambers died 10 days ago when someone set her and her car on fire on the side of a road in Panola County, Mississippi.

Much speculation and innuendo is swirling in the community of people desperate to know what happened to the 19-year-old.

The man who may have been one of the last to speak with Jessica Chambers says he is the focus of social media attacks accusing him of being the leader of a gang that may have been involved in her death. He also claims he is receiving death threats because of the accusation.

Jessica Chambers was found on Dec. 6 burning next to her car, which was also on fire. She later died of burns that authorities say covered nearly 90 percent of her body.

Ali Asanai, 19, was working in his family's gas station, where Chambers stopped to get gas and snacks, and allegedly spoke with her a few hours before her death. Alsanai was also one of the first to post pictures of Jessica Chamber’s car and details about her cause of death on Facebook, saying he knows more than he is letting on. The post has since been deleted.

However, Alsanai later told local news stations that he really does not know anything.

“I really didn’t know nothing; all I said was she came to the store. That was it. At the end people accused me of doing it. The police officer came today and said I’m better off just to let it go, just no comments for anyone,” Alsanai told WMC Action News.

"Everybody knows me out here," said Alsanai. "Everybody likes me, I get along with everyone so they probably take it the other way, the wrong way, you know, 'He's a gang, he a drug dealer.' They just posted a video on YouTube about me. I'm scar face Ali Alsanai."

Alsanai said he has even received death threats from people who want justice for Jessica Chambers.

According to WMC, Alsanai asked a stranger in a recorded message: "You're accusing me of killing that girl?" to which the stranger responded "A lot of people say you did." The stranger then threatened to get even. When Alsanai asked "So you're saying that someone is going to come and pour gas down my throat," the stranger replied, "Somebody is going to have to pay for what they did to that girl."

Alsanai also has received death threats via Facebook. In one post, someone wrote, "I hope somebody burns you and your store down."

Many of the accusations stem from Anonymous, a group that began a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #OperationJessicaC. They claim they have hacked social media accounts of area gang members in an attempt to do what police cannot do legally. Alsanai says that a lot of the posts on this site and other social media sites connecting him to a gang and the murder of Chambers are lies.

One accusation making the rounds is that gang members hang out and sell drugs at the Alsanai family store, M&M.

However, frequent patrons and area neighbors deny seeing that kind of behavior at the store.

"Aint no gangs here," said Alsanai. "I don't know where the gang thing came from. It's just people hang here. But no gang, no drugs, no nothing going on. They need to stop all this stuff 'cause there's no gangs and drugs around here."

According to NewsMs, others question what happened to 53 seconds allegedly missing from the gas station’s surveillance footage captured during the time Jessica Chambers entered and left the establishment on the night of her death. Alsanai said he doesn't have a clue what happened to the footage that was "revealed" on social media.

Alsanai insists that accusations that he is a gang leader are lies.

"Saying I'm a leader in a gang Black Squad, that I'm selling drugs at the store," commented Alsanai. "They're ruining our business. Ever since they started talking, we've been slow."

When asked straight up if he was a gang leader, Alsanai responded, "Nope, I am not. I've never had a problem with no polices. I've been here all my life at the store just making a living."

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