Jessica Biel Turns 33, Celebrates With Friends

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Jessica Biel just turned 33, and she got to celebrate at a small dinner party with her friends.

Jessica Biel went to dinner at celebrity hairstylist Estee Stanley’s home in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.

Estee Stanley is a good friend of Jessica Biel's, and Estee really treated her right.

Jessica Biel, the simple, private girl that she is, only wanted a small party. And that is exactly what she got.

Jessica Biel's guests gathered to eat in the dining room and it "was simple the way Jessica wanted it," a source tells Us Weekly.

The source added, "Everyone ate dinner and toasted Jessica, even though she couldn't drink. At the end of the evening, Jessica opened up gifts."

To cover her growing baby bump, Jessica Biel reportedly wore a beautiful long black and white dress with heels, of all things.

However, Jessica Biel's knight in shining armor, hubby Justin Timberlake, was there to help her out.

"He was protective and shielding Jessica," the source said of Timberlake. "She was walking slowly in her heels but she was very happy and said she had had the best night."

That wasn't the only time Timberlake doted on Jessica Biel.

He also posted a sweet Instagram tribute.

Jessica Biel will be delivering their little bundle sometime this spring!

Happy Birthday, Jessica Biel!

What do you think of Justin Timberlake's Instagram tribute?

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