Jessica Biel: How She Maintains A Healthy Pregnancy

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Jessica Biel is the latest celebrity under intense baby bump watch.

As we wait for the run down of her maternity style, Mrs. Justin Timberlake is dishing more on how she stays healthy and fit for two.

Jessica Biel has always stressed eating organic local foods, but now that she is pregnant it is especially important to her.

"She has been having deliveries from local farms so she can eat fresh organic produce and be as healthy as possible throughout the pregnancy," a source told E!.

"Being healthy is really important to her. She is very aware of the importance of eating well. She wants to have the best pregnancy possible."

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The source continued, "She's in her third trimester now and feeling good. She has stayed active during her pregnancy and tried to get in as much exercise as possible. She loves going hiking or on walks. She also does yoga at home and light stretching. She has spent a lot of time at home and plans to slow down on traveling in the next two months...she's embraced being a homebody and taking it easy."

Jessica Biel is also a big supporter of a Paleo-style diet.

Before her pregnancy, Jessica Biel was quoted as saying, "Eating Paleo just leans you down and slims you up and takes that little layer of fat and water-weight right off your body.”

Well, sure. That's nice if a girl just has a little layer of fat and water like Jessica Biel might have on occasion, but I'm sure that the Paleo diet is great for those of us that have more than a little layer of fat.

It definitely seems to work for her!

What do you think about Jessica Biel's diet habits for a healthy pregnancy?

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