Jessica Biel and Timberlake, Too Busy For Kids

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Jessica Biel has had a successful career so far as an actress, model, and singer. She has appeared in films such as Ulee's Gold with Peter Fonda, Elizabethtown, and The Illusionist, as well as playing the oldest child on the long-running television series, 7th Heaven. In 2009 she performed the role of Sarah Brown in a staged concert of Guys and Dolls with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

But, lately, focus on the 31-year old has revolved around her marriage to singer Justin Timberlake. One rumor that surfaced was that Biel was expecting a child; however, that was debunked when she posted a picture of herself getting ready to solo snowboard at the same time her husband was winning at the 2014 People's Choice Awards.

Justin's grandmother, Sadie Bomar, recently commented on the duos marriage, saying, “They are married but they are so busy, both of them, it’s hard going. I’m sure when it’s right to have children they will, but not now."

Bomar also added, “They do love each other dearly but they are apart so much it’s going to be hard going for them. I think Jessica finds that really tough. She’s on her own a good deal.”

Biel's nan-in-law stated that she thinks her grandson is good with kids, but isn't quite ready for them.

According to The Inquisitr, Timberlake's mom also came out in the media recently to dispel rumors that Biel and her son's marriage was about the end.

“I really try not to comment on bulls–t stuff, but I get so sick of all these stupid tabloids printing all the crap that they do about my son and his beautiful wife, who by the way are immensely happy and so much in love! Why don’t some of you act like journalist [sic] and print a real story! Report some actual news and stop making up rumors about people’s lives who are otherwise VERY happy!”

In January, Biel announced that she was planning to open a child-friendly restaurant in Santa Monica, California called "Au Fudge." She described it as a "cool space where you can have great food (and)... send your family and kids to cool classes."

Perhaps one day she and her husband can bring their own children there. But, for now, no bundles of joy are being added to the superstar family.

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