Jessica Alba: Parents Claim Her Honest Company Sunscreen Doesn't Prevent Sunburns, Share Word of Their Burned Kids

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Jessica Alba is under fire from parents who purchased her Honest Company sunscreen for their children. This past week some parents shared word of the sunburns their kids got after wearing ample amounts of the SPF 30 formula.

Gretta Stabler is a Chicago-area mom who applied the sunscreen quite liberally on her six-year-old daughter in recent days.

"She got really burned on her arms, shoulders, legs face, pretty much everywhere. I was angry," the mom told a local TV station of Jessica Alba's Honest Company brand.

"I’m not a chemist," Stabler adds. "But when I buy a bottle that says SPF 30 on it and it has zinc oxide, I just thought I was getting her a bottle that would offer some protection."

Most parents would agree.

Honest Sunscreen Lotion boasts a non nano zinc oxide formula free from the harmful chemicals usually found in SPF-rated products, NBC 5's investigation found that the company reduced the lotion's zinc content from 20 to 9.3 percent. The company claims extra natural ingredients were added to replace the zinc, in order to keep the sunscreen active.

Other bad experiences with Jessica Alba's brand was posted to the Costco website recently.

"I bought this product from the Costco Warehouse and had a similar experience to the many disappointed parents who have reviewed here. My entire family got a sunburn even though we applied multiple times throughout the day. This was the first sunburn for my children which is so disappointing," one mom wrote.

"I covered myself with this sunscreen and now I am burnt to a crisp," another dissatisfied Honest Company consumer wrote.

Jessica Alba is, however, getting some good press for her Honest Company sunscreen from Chrissy Teigen and makeup artist Lauren Andersen. The two recently vacationed together and touted Jessica Alba's product in an Instagram photo.

Lauren Andersen captioned a post of the two wearing Honest Company sunscreen, with a message to Jessica Alba written with it.

"Oh hey what's up hello.. Using protection on vacation with @chrissyteigen thank you @honest @jessicaalba," the caption reads.

So far Jessica Alba hasn't directly addressed these recent claims about her Honest Company sunscreen not doing what it claims to do.

Do you expect she will address the claims herself or release a statement from her company in the coming days?

Have you tried any of Jessica Alba's Honest Company products? What's your experience with their effectiveness?

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