Jessica Alba Launches Cosmetic Line In Midst Of Lawsuits

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Jessica Alba and her Honest Company have launched a new cosmetics line this week, even though the company is in the midst of multiple lawsuits.

Alba's makeup and skincare line will reportedly feature safer ingredients than many other products on the market, which the Honest Company is known for. According to CNN Money, the company will offer about 85 new products under the name Honest Beauty, and will host a pop-up shop at The Grove in L.A. starting later this month.

Alba made headlines this week when a third lawsuit was filed against the company due to their "natural" labeling; many parents complained that their sunblock failed to protect even after applied as directed, leading to damaging sunburns on several children. The latest suit seeks $5 million.

"It's pretty much the Wild West when it comes to labeling beauty and home products 'natural'. 'Natural' means nothing in government regulation, and it can mean almost anything on a product -- including full of lots of synthetic chemicals. That's why 'natural' on a label doesn't factor into our methodology for rating products," said Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook.

Jessica Alba released a statement about the lawsuits, calling the latest one "baseless" and without merit. Meanwhile, the Honest Company--worth an estimated $1.7 billion--released its own statement recently, saying they were contacting every customer who shared their stories on social media regarding the alleged faulty sunblock.

“Our team is reaching out to everyone who has posted on social media to assure you that we’re committed to your safety and satisfaction. As always, we’ll do what it takes to make it right.”

Jessica Alba says that a beauty line has always been part of the plan for the Honest Company, but timing was key. It's unclear whether the legal battles will affect sales.

“The values we stand for — safe, effective products to lead a healthy life — translate into every vertical,” she said. “Beauty was always part of the plan. It was just a matter of when, how and being able to execute it properly. I didn’t want to do this half-ass," Alba said.

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