Jessica Alba: Haircut Gets Her Ready To Reprise Role

Amanda CrumLife

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Jessica Alba isn't content to wear a wig for her upcoming film shoot; as the iconic character Nancy in "Sin City", she dazzled with long blonde hair and blunt bangs which framed her dark eyes. Now, as the sequel is about to start production, she's going back to blonde and documenting the process.

"She got roots that Nancy", she tweeted on August 25th, along with a photo of her in the hairdresser's chair. Because her locks are so long and thick, going blonde is quite a process; so far she's had at least two trips to the salon. But it's worth it to see the complete transformation onscreen, where she'll reprise the role of sweet, sexy Nancy.


Alba also visited a shooting range recently to hone her gun-toting skills for the role.

Amanda Crum
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