Jessica Alba Gushes About Her Acting Addiction, 'It's Like A Drug'

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Jessica Alba has a serious addiction, and she's decided to share it with the world. However, what she revealed isn't all that surprising.

According to E! News, the Dark Angel star recently sat down with Nylon magazine where she declared that she's addicted to acting. Her admission explains why she has absolutely no plans of ever quitting of the film industry.

"It's been liberating to be able to play someone who's a badass or promiscuous because that's the opposite of who I am…It's like a drug," said Alba who's featured in the March issue of the publication.

She also explained that the roles give her a reprieve from her real life: "I don't have to be a boss; I don't have to be a wife; I don't have to be a sister."

She went on to share more details about her deep admiration for her craft. The 32-year-old actress explained how she personally feels the portrayal of various characters is beneficial for her self-confidence.

"Before I was so fearful of failure and judgment that I was scared to put myself out there," she said. She's also come to realize that "you don't have to be a robot, you don't have to be appropriate all the time."

She also gushed about another bonus that comes along with her acting career - learning other awesome and interesting skills in order to properly depict certain roles. "I know how to ride a motorcycle, I can do wire work like you see in the circuses. I can shoot a gun. I know how to fight, too."

Fans will definitely be seeing a lot of Jessica Alba this year, as she has five films in the works. The Fantastic Four actress is currently shooting two films: How to Make Love Like an Englishman and Stretch. The other three films, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Dear Eleanor, and Barely Lethal, are currently in post-production.

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