Jessica Alba Dishes About Her Career, Family and Health


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Jessica Alba's definitely a celebrity.

The Spy Kids: All the Time in the World actress is no stranger to the spotlight and red carpets.

However, there's two very special little people that are near and dear to the 33-year-old actress that have no clue she's famous - her two children.

Alba's daughters - Honor, 6 and Heaven, 3 - are totally unaware of their mother's star status or the fact that she's an actress who appears on television.

The Honey actress just lets the girls think she only works for her own ecofriendly product brand, The Honest Company, which she started with her husband, Cash Warren. According to One News, Alba's children just see her work as another day in the office.

"She's still trying to understand what I do because it's not like I [tell her]. She goes to my office at The Honest Company and is like, 'That's mommy's work.'"

When asked if her children have shown interest in entertainment careers, Alba expressed she's quite pleased that neither have yet to show any aspirations. "Oh gosh, oh no, thank goodness." However, she did admit that her oldest daughter is one of her greatest inspirations. "My daughter's name is Honor, so her name Honor inspired Honest."

But, work and family aren't the only aspects of life that are extremely to her. Alba revealed that her health is also a very important factor in her life. However, she revealed she doesn't do anything strenuous to stay in shape.

"It's kind of exercise and I think just trying to eat as fresh as possible, not so much processed and packaged food. It's really boring," said Alba.

"Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Twitter knows I'm a big believer in living honestly. I drink their natural coconut water as a simple way to stay healthy, but also because I'm on board with their 'Crack Life Open' mentality of living your best life by staying positive, being present and taking small steps towards balanced, healthy living that fit your lifestyle," she said.

Image via Jessica Alba, Facebook