Jesse Williams: 'Grey's Anatomy' Actor Sums Up Baltimore Riots Via Twitter

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Jesse Williams, probably best known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy, has long been outspoken about racism in the U.S. He spoke out eloquently when Trayvon Martin was killed and again when the Ferguson riots erupted as a result of the death of Michael Brown.

Now Jesse Williams is sharing his thoughts on racism again--this time, of course, pertaining to the riots in Baltimore, following the murder of 25-year-old Freddie Gray.

In a series of Tweets--18 of them, Williams makes it clear he is nearly as enraged by the hypocrisy of the mainstream coverages of the Baltimore riots as he is by the acts of violence.

Jesse Williams isn't just an actor. He's a former teacher. Readers will learn something--likely a lot--by reading his thoughts as posted on Twitter.

If anyone wants to engage in an intelligent conversation on racism in this country, or on the Baltimore riots, they should reference these comments Jesse Williams made. They won't only serve to explain, but will offer insight and open a wealth of consideration that any controversial subject should include.

Kimberly Ripley
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