Jesse Jackson Jr. Reports to Prison Early


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Jesse Jackson Jr., the former congressman with a penchant for luxury, reported to a North Carolina prison on Tuesday to serve is 2 1/2 year sentence. Jackson had tried to report to the Butner Correctional Center on the previous day, but was not accepted into the prison at that time. His charge? The 48-year-old disgraced former congressman was found guilty of spending $750,000 in campaign money on personally-profitable items such as a gold Rolex watch, mounted elk heads, restaurant and bar tabs, and cigars.

Jackson, who is now known as Inmate No. 32451-016, confronted his punishment, and was willing to start serving his time early in order to make arrangements to get back to life outside bars earlier as well.

He already said his good-byes to his wife and children. His wife, Sandi, had also been charged and found guilty of filing false tax returns. Though required to serve a year, Sandi was granted to stagger her time differently than her husband in order to ensure that their school-age children have at least one parent present.

According to Atlanta-based attorney C.K. Hoffler, "He was ready to pay his debt. The sooner he reported, the sooner he'd be able to get back home to his children to begin the process of healing."

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield was with Jesse Jackson Jr. when he presented himself to the prison. "I am happy to report that he is in good spirits, all things considered," Butterfield shared through a statement.

Though the man with the historically-renowned father was once a prominent member of the Illinois Democratic Party, Jesse Jackson Jr. will be completing some less-than-glamorous tasks while in prison. His daily activities at the beginning of his time will presumably consist of rising at 6 a.m. and completing janitorial work.

Much discussion has already been raised about Jesse Jackson Jr.'s eligibility for governmental assistance while in prison. The news ruffled some feathers, and people have been vocal about the matter.

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