Jerry Sandusky Accidentally Invited Back to Penn State Campus

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Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years at a supermax prison for molesting little boys in the showers. The scandal surrounding his charges and conviction caused a stink in Pennsylvania that besmirched the entire University, as well as the memory of his boss, Coach Joe Paterno.

But now it seems that Penn State wants Jerry Sandusky back. At least that’s what their letter to him this week said.

“Dear Gerald A,” the letter reads. “Congratulations on being identified as one of the elite college football fans in the nation. You have worked diligently to separate yourself by exhibiting unrivaled tenacity, character, and loyalty. Passionate and competitive, you are the leading standard of a first class fan base.”

The letter was sent to many previous season ticket holders, inviting them to visit the campus during a home game in the coming season.

“We appreciate your unwavering support of this great university and of the student-athletes who proudly wear the Penn State uniform,” the letter concludes. "Thank you for your passion and investment in our student athletes.”

Of course, the letter was a mistake — not a hoax, mind you; it is legit — but a mistake. The University is in the middle of a campaign trying to get as many fans into the stadium seats as possible.

Penn State Assistant Athletic Director for Communications Jeff Nelson issued a statement about the letter:

“Clearly, a mistake was made and our database needs further updating and cross-referencing. This standard form letter was part of a mass mailing sent to approximately 30,000 people who have had season or single game tickets within the past four years, encouraging them to support the team and help fill Beaver Stadium for every game in 2015.”

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