Jeremy Renner: 'I Saw Downey Twice in the Last Avengers'

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Jeremy Renner says that the new Avengers: Age of Ultron gave him much more on-set time with the other Avengers than he had in the first film.

"I saw Downey like twice in the last Avengers and in this one we’re all together a lot more so that makes it really great, and also tedious when we shoot it because there’s so many people to cover and there’s so many storylines to tell, but it makes the off camera stuff just so much more fun. I personally like to go to work and just work and knock out some action sequences and get it done, and we do that, but then when we’re all together it’s really great fun. It really is a wonderful family unit. It’s the best part of doing a big crazy action movie like this, which usually can be quite unfulfilling as an artist, but because all the people involved in this are so great it makes coming to work every day really joyous."

But in addition to the familiar characters from the first film of Ironman, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye, there are new additions to the team.

"These new characters are great, with Scarlet Witch you’ll find that her abilities are just being tapped into in this movie and what they can become, she’s still learning what they are, which is really cool. That to me as a nerdy, geeky dude about this world, that’s what I’m excited to kind of see what happens in the future because that can be quite fun."

With more of a complete ensemble shooting style to the new Avengers, as well as having Joss Whedon on board from beginning to end, Jeremy Renner got to see more of the director, too.

"I’ve known him since ‘98 since I did Angel with him. It’s great to dive into the character and he’s just as excited as I am about, just for me personally, for finding out who Hawkeye is."

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