Jeremy Lin Upsets Teammate With Text Message

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Jeremy Lin had nothing but the best of intentions when he texted a teammate who had just been traded to Oklahoma City, but the message--which read "Goodbye and good luck"--got sent to someone else instead, causing a moment of panic.

Lin had just heard the news about James Harden and Jeremy Lamb being included in the five-player trade and was trying to wish Lamb well, but instead he texted Scott Machado, a rookie player for the Houston Rockets who was on pins and needles waiting to hear whether or not he was going to stay there. He thought he'd played well on Monday, so Lin's text was confusing.

“I was like, ‘Hey, it’s Scott, it’s not Jeremy,’ ” Machado said. “’Did you hear something about me?’ I was all nervous. He was like, “Oh, I apologize, I apologize.’ It all worked out.”

Machado, who made the roster when guard Shaun Livingston was released, says he did his best for the team and is happy he made the cut.

"We had four good point guards here, and I was the newcomer, the undrafted one," Machado said. "I was here (Monday), and nobody told me anything. I came out to practice, and it felt good. I feel like it’s a true blessing. It’s something I always wanted. I’ve been working hard to get where I wanted to go. I feel real good."

Amanda Crum
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