Jenny McCarthy Twitter Slammed Over Anti-Vaccine Beliefs

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Jenny McCarthy was slammed hard on Twitter because of her strong crusade against childhood vaccines. The cohost of The View has an 11-year-old son named Evan who she believes developed autism as a result of having his childhood vaccines. This past Thursday she took to Twitter in hopes of gaining positive feedback but instead received lots of unkind remarks.

McCarthy asked her Twitter followers what they would look for in a mate. She didn't expect to be the target of a backlash of people slamming her anti-vaccination beliefs.

That's what she received, however, and the following includes Jenny's tweet as well as a small sampling of the remarks Twitter users posted.

See if you think it was fair of Twitter users to answer her question in such off-track ways.

Of course some of those who replied to Jenny McCarthy's question were a bid rude, too.

It's pretty plain to see that Jenny McCarthy's crusade against childhood vaccines is so firmly attached to her name that she can't even ask a simple question without it being thrown back in her face.

Do you think she deserves this sort of Twitter backlash? Do you think people are uneducated about the perils of childhood vaccines? Is it possible that Jenny McCarthy hasn't done enough research on the topic she is so vocal about?

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